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Q.     My Mother-in-Law says that if I, the mother, am on a poor diet, it is pointless to breastfeed the baby, as the baby will not be able to absorb any nutrients from me.  How true is it?

A.    It is, of course,  good for a breastfeeding mother to eat a well-balanced diet.  Most of our population in Singapore eat sufficiently even if they are not always balanced in their diet.  Baby always gets the BEST from mother.
Mother has stores of nutrients in her body, and these are tapped for baby.  If your diet is insufficient in calcium, your milk will draw calcium from your teeth first for baby.  So, even if your diet
is less than perfect, the milk you produce is still baby’s best food.

Should your diet be deficient, you are more likely to be tired and have less resistance to illnesses, so for these reasons too, you must eat as well as you can.
Only mothers in very poor populations where her diet is perennially poor and deficient will both mother and child be really threatened.  But then, in such a situation, this mother will  certainly not be able to afford artificial feeding.

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