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Ameda Egnell Pump 


Adjustable Settings
The adjustable suction and cycle settings of the Lactaline breastpump create a stimulation that
feels surprisingly natural and comfortable.  It provides numerous variations to mimic a baby's sucking even as a baby matures and grows.

Lightweight and Compact
The Lactaline breastpump offers effortless portability.  Weighing only a pound, it's one of the
smallest and most lightweight electrical breastpumps available.

Power Sources
The pump may be operated using any  AC adapter or 6AA batteries.  You now have the opportunity to choose where and when to pump, no matter where your busy schedule takes you.

Single or Dual Pumping Option
The Lactaline pump allows mothers to single pump, or save precious time by dual pumping.

Mothers may pump directly into bottles.  The  breastpump has built-in holders that accommodate the bottles, reducing the possibility of messy spills and loss of precious milk.

A Compartmentalised Cooler Tote Bag is also available to go with your Ameda Lactaline Pump. 

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