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Health Talks & Baby Show

World Breastfeeding Week 2000bfg is your right

with Prof. Lawrence M.  Gartner and Sue Cox, LC

This year, WBW 2000 was held in August  from 18th to 24th (Friday through Thursday). BMSG (Singapore) is pleased to have two prominent speakers, Prof Lawrence M. Gartner & Sue Cox to share their expertise and experience with us.

The following topics were discussed in the seminars:

(A) Seminar for Doctors: "Supporting the Breastfeeding Mother through Evidence-based Practice"
(1) Physicianâs Role in Breastfeeding Initiation
(2) Human Milk and the Premature Baby
(3) Jaundice in the Breastfed Infant
(4) Maternal Infections and Breastfeeding
(5) Maintenance of Breastfeeding through the first and second years

(B) Seminar for Health Professionals: "Effective Nursing Support for Breastfeeding Mothersä
(1)  Markers of Lactation Insufficiency : identifying Mothers and Babies at risk.
(2)  Helping Mothers to sustain breastfeeding for the pre-term  infant, through neonatal jaundice,
        and into the first and  second years of childhood.
(3)  Assessing proper latch-on :  one useful tool
(4)  Breastfeeding Techniques for less common situation

(C) Seminar for the Public: "Breastfeeding:  The Healthiest Choice"
(1)  Why  Breastfeed Your Baby? (medical & other benefits of breastfeeding)
(2)  Breastfeeding : Getting off to a Good Start
(3)  Breastfeeding in relation to Jaundice and Asthma
(include premature babies and  recommended period of breastfeeding)
(4)  Managing Breastfeeding in the First Six Weeks

BMSG President's Comment 

I was delighted to see 115 doctors attending the Doctors’ Seminar. The 2 CME points could be a contributing factor but I believe it was the heavyweight speaker as well as the wanting-to-know-more attitude that were the motivating factors. It surely indicates that the doctors are getting more breastfeeding friendly and we would like to applaud them in being so.

Mr Gurmit Singh and his wife, Melissa together with Ms Huang Biren, shared freely on their breastfeeding experiences during the Public Seminar, . Their "sacrificial" spirit to share had certainly encouraged the public and deserved our utmost salute. The Group would continue to welcome their voice in spreading the word on breastfeeding. Thank you Gurmit, Melissa and Biren.

The attendance for the Nurses’ Seminar was full. The high-spirit atmosphere generated by the nurses and lactation consultants can be vividly felt when they enthusiastically discussed breastfeeding issues, regardless of their respective background. My confidence is enhanced that the path towards baby friendly hospitals in the near future is smoother.

Thank you and thank you to the Organising Committee and the supporting members in making the seminar a success. A special thank you to Wan Siew Kwun for chairing the seminar subcommittee, and Amy Chin for warm hospitality to Mr and Mrs Cox. I would also like to congratulate Sunitha, Geok Cheng, Gek Eng and Tian Sew for their professionalism and sacrifices in handling the many "unexpected" during the course of their work.


Thank You Everyone For Your Support!

"Congrats for such a great success in organising the concert. I enjoyed the show very much. My boy (17 mths) had a great time there. He marched up and down the place and made friends with people around .  The older folks also enjoyed themselves. My mom was so happy that she was finally able to get hold of the song sheet for the "San Ke" that she had been hunting for.  Thanks for organising such a concert.  Really appreciate the effort all of you put in to make this concert possible. Hopefully, sufficient funds is raised for the event in August."

(a member of BMSG)


It is the time of year to whip out your chequebook and send in your cheque for renewal of your membership. To those who have renewed, thank you.

If not, mail it in to Breastfeeding Mothers' Support Group, #02-04 SCWO Centre, 96 Waterloo St,S187967.


The Group has been granted the status of receiving tax-exempt donations under the umbrella of the Ministry of Health for 3 years. Please designate your donations to "BMSG(S)-Fund".

Donations of any amount  are most appreciated as we are a non-profit organisation that needs funds to:
1.  continue our work in helping mothers & babies enjoy breastfeeding,
2.  finance our recent purchase of office space,
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4.  enable us to employ administrative help.

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We have finally managed to purchase a permanent office space.  This is at the new Headquarters of the Singapore Council of Women's Organisations (SCWO).  This is at 96 Waterloo Street.  The size is around 186 sq feet and cost us $57,213-00.

This office will allow us to house the library in a permanent location instead of having it move around the island each time a new Librarian is elected.  We will also be able to hold more workshops & other programmes there.  Eventually, we also hope to have administrative staff to help take the burden off some of our Committee Members.

In order to finance the lease, we are now actively raising funds for this new office.  We have already used most of the funds we have accumulated over the years, but there is still a shortfall.  In addition, we need to replenish the funds used!

Ways for you to help in our fund-raising:
1.  Encourage more to join BMSG(S) as members,
2.  Convert your membership to a LIFE membership,
3.  Take the opportunity of our current tax-exempt status to donate money to the group,
4.  Join our World Breastfeeding Week,

Most of all... SPREAD THE WORD AROUND!  We need the money!


(Yes, Babies & Helpers are also welcome for courses - any BMSG event!)

You should have at least 6 mths experience with total breastfeeding, and be willing to work as regular counsellors. Each course consists of 6 sessions of 3 hours each.

To register, call the BMSG(S) Hotline at 3393558 or Email Counselling Co-ordinator at <> to Confirm the details.


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