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Medela Pump-In-Style (PIS) vs the Ameda Lactaline Pump

(by Lim Guek Har)

I would recommend this new Ameda pump over the PIS.  Comparing with the PIS, they have similar functions and efficiency but the Ameda pump is better :

- smaller and lighter,
- almost half the price
- has variable cycle (which simulates the baby's suckling),
- milk will not flow back to the tube/pump,
- motor is quieter even at max setting, yes even quieter than the PIS;  personally I will not run the PIS at max setting for extended period of time, don't think the motor can last (from the sound of it),

One downside -  the Ameda pump's white membrane is a little flimsy and might tear if not washed/handled with great care.  However, it is looks like it could last longer than the PIS membrane.  The PIS membrane warped after ~5 months of use, and I did not even
steam/boil it every day !  And the replacement part is *very* expensive !

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