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This is a List of Persons who have "Registered" to attend the Asia
Parents' List Event.
Current Event being organised is a Picnic:
Venue:  Botanic Gardens, Shaw Foundation Pavilion
Date:  6 September 1998, Sunday
Time:  5.00pm
There might be a "Concert in the Park" that Sunday.  I think it's a Jazz Series.
Name(s)               No. of Persons            Food that will be brought
-------               ------------------          -------------------------------
Samuelina           3 Adults + 2 children     Fishballs
Janny Chan         2 Adults + baby            Ribena Packet Drinks
Catherine            2 Adults + baby            Egg Mayonnaise / Tuna /Ham/Cheese Sandwiches
 Babara Aman    2 Adults + 2 kids           ??? Can't decide yet
Amy Chin           3 Adults + baby            Homemade Bread, Cheese & Dip + Cup Cakes
Ying                   2 Adults + baby            Curry Puffs
Yee Ling            5 Adults + 2 children

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