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Sarong-Style Baby Slings

Slings now available in colours of Dark Green & Navy Blue

In our Asian Region, Mothers traditionally carried their babies in slings.  These slings simply comprise of a  length of batik cloth  and is popularly referred to as the "SARONG" (a Malay word).   After placing the baby in the sling,  the mother/caregiver would then just secure it by knotting it at the loose ends.  They would carry their babies/child in this "sarong" until the child is around 2years or 3years of age.

This baby sling is modified from the style of the traditional sarong-carrier.  It's use is simplified with the use of 2 rings to secure & adjust size of the carrier.  Fabric has also been changed to a classic-looking style.  This baby sling carrier can be used from newborn stage & can also be useful for discrete breastfeeding in public.


Baby Calla - newborn
Cradle Hold
(from newborn age)

Here with Calla 
(1 mth)


Breastfeeding is convenient with a sling.

Here with Timmy 
(4 months)

kangaroo hold
Kangaroo Hold
(from 4 months)

Here with Timmy
(10 months)

hip carry
Hip-Carry Position
(from 6 months)

Here with Daniel
(2-1/2 years; 15kg)


piggy back
(from 10mths)

Good for the occasional times when some housework needs to be finished.


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