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Nursing T-Shirts

(Solid Colours: Deep Pink, Dark Green, Soft Green, Dark Blue)

tee by tee by Nursing Tees by Nursing Tees by

The Nursing Tees are versatile. You can wear them casually paired with shorts or jeans, or under your favourite jumpers/dungarees.  Dress them up by wearing them with a jacket, tiny sweater or a suit.

Since the tees are plain-coloured, if you wish, you can even personalise your nursing t-shirts with an iron-on design!Nursing Tees by

This is a great basic item to have.  Get a few pieces to complete your nursing wardrobe!  Why not get one in every colour?  It also makes a good gift for your friends as well.

Nurse discreetly through vertical side openings.

Fabric is a soft, breathable 100% cotton knit.  Perfect for our weather!