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Q.    My baby is 10 months now.I have been fully breastfeeding her. Now that she has 6 teeth, there are times when she would bite me while feeding. One of my nipple bled as a result. Can I still breastfeed her using that breast since it does not hurt much?
How do you prevent her from biting me?


A.   You have been doing VERY WELL in giving your baby the best all these months!
Yes, you can continue to breastfeed her on the breast that she has biten, as long as it doesn't hurt you much.  In between feedings however, do take steps to hasten the healing of the cut on your nipple.  You can do this by either expressing some of the fatty hindmilk onto your nipple to dry just after you have finished a nursing session.  Alternatively, you can use a cream like Lansinoh.

As for biting, it is important that you be firm with your daughter, and not allow her to bite you while
nursing. It's hard to enjoy those special times nursing when she bites you.  At 10 months of age, she understands more than you can imagine. You need to talk to her before nursing, and remind her not to bite you.

If she does bite you, pull her in really tightly toward your breast so she'll release your nipple. Pulling away abruptly can cause you more pain (and possibly damage to the tender nipple tissue.).  Or you could squeeze her nose gently so that she would have to release your nipple to breathe.  Then put her down (for a minute or so), talking to her firmly that she shouldn't bite mommy.  It hurts!.  Be firm and consistent.   She will eventually get the idea.

Another point - babies and toddlers usually bite toward the end of a feed, especially if they have fallen asleep while nursing. If you sense that this biting is about to happen, try to take her off the breast before she gets to this point.  Do keep in mind that this is not intentional.

Hope this helps!

Ms Samuelina Wan
Volunteer Counsellor
Breastfeeding Mothers' Support Group (Singapore)


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