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Q.      My friend told me that it was pointless to breastfeed a baby who is above 1 year of age as the antibodies in the breastmilk have no more effect on the baby.  Is this so?

A.   While it is certainly true that young babies under a year old derive the greatest benefit from motherís milk because they have yet to develop an effective immune system of their own, and are getting protection from mumís antibodies through her milk, it is certainly not true that breastmilk is no longer helpful to a baby above 1 year old.
Many different studies on breastfeeding toddlers in their second, and even third year confirmed that they continued to enjoy immunological protection.  These breastfeeding toddlers were found to have fewer types and shorter durations of illnesses, and required less medical care than their non-breastfeeding age mates.
Another plus for breastmilk is that it provides an easily digested and readily accepted source of wholesome nutrition for the sick toddler, who can be very cranky and hard to feed.  Breastfeeding
also provides comfort and security and enhances the mother-child bond, providing emotional stability.  So do consider breastfeeding for longer - there are many benefits still.

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