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 "What I Wish I'd Been Told"

Useful Experiences Shared by Some Mothers

Compiled by Samuelina Wan

“With Wei Ru,  I wish someone told me that formula is not a close cousin of breastmilk (maybe a very distant relative), and that there’s no need to supplement with formula.  I  wish I knew a breastfeeding-friendly doctor who did not ask me to stop breastfeeding (and stay away from the baby) while on the anti-diarrhoea medication.
I also wish someone told me how to re-start breastfeeding after stopping for a while.  I wish someone told me about (an internet newsgroup).”

               ~ GH Chong, Mom to Wei Ru (2.8 yr) & currently nursing Jun Wei (5 mth)
“I wish I'd been told that it's fine for babies to nurse practically non-stop. I was so worried
when Shiv wouldn't sleep for 4 hrs in between ( don't ask me why 4 was the magic number). Only one person told me it was fine to feed him as much as he wanted - lucky I listened to her.”
                                                               ~ Shanthi, currently nursing Shiv (3.5yrs)
“I wish I’d been told of the benefits of breastfeeding immediately, then maybe Sheralyn wouldn’t have been sick for a week.  I wish I’d known that expressed breastmilk (ebm) can
be stored for more than 2 days, so when I was asked to stop breastfeeding to monitor Sheralyn’s jaundice, I wouldn’t have emptied away “precious gold”.
I also wish I knew someone told me that the body adjusts quickly. Why is it that the hospital told us to wean 2 weeks before we start work if we do not wish to continue to breastfeed? Sheralyn was miserable for 5 afternoons because of it.
I wish I knew about internet support groups and also of BMSG(S).
                                          ~ Leow Yee Ling, currently nursing Sheralyn (8mths)
“With Aina, I wish that I’d been more persistent in pumping after 6 months.  I also wish
someone told me that I could still continue nurse her even though I was pregnant. She was
only 10 months old then. She would then benefit from breastmilk when my milk comes back for Anis through tandem nursing.”
               ~Sabrina Wan, Mom to Aina (2.75yrs) & currently nursing Anis (14mths)
"With Sarah, I wish someone told me about "high-need" babies, and highlighted that "breastfeeding is more than nutrition".  And because of these, I may need to expect my baby wanting to breastfeed constantly!

With Daniel, I wish someone told me that I could to some extent prevent exaggerated jaundice by nursing very very frequently from Day 1 in the hospital.  I was following the "breastfeeding by demand" principle.  Daniel was a sleepy baby, so didn't "demand" much!  He could go for 4 to 6 hours between feeds during his 1st few days in hospital!  I SHOULD HAVE taken the effort to wake him every 2 hourly to nurse him.  Maybe he wouldn't have had jaundice for 1 month then."

~ Samuelina Wan, Mom to Sarah (3.75yrs) & currently nursing Daniel (14.5mths)

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